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About THATbirdDID




Hi there!


We're THATbirdDID, and we make things!


We're a production company based out of lovely Danbury, Connecticut and we'd love to help you or your business increase consumer awareness and activity! We're focused on creating beautiful, compelling content that tells a story. Whether you're in need of a 15 second spot for Facebook or a sprawling 15 part docu-series, we can deliver gorgeous, HD content in an efficient manner and for a reasonable price. We can also work with you on social media strategies and trageting. We can even help put together a gorgeous website like the very one you're currently browsing. We're here for any and all media needs you may require! Have a look at an example of some corporate work below.


If you want to make some cool things happen, drop us a line at


In the meantime-- There's two of us, Steve and Matt, but we have lots of friends.


You'll learn about them when you need to. Watch our videos. Listen to our podcast. Feed us your desserts. Read what we write. Thanks for checking out the site. 



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